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They are several reasons for a plant to grow well so I will be helping out the the major ways that can affect plant to grow abnormally.

We all know we need plant in our daily activities without the use of plant man would have been nothing because we depend on plant to food and oxygen for man to live.

So without plant man would have gone extinct.

What Keeps A Good And Healthy Plant

Like have said earlier plant plays a major role in man life so they is a major  thing needed for plant to grow which is Photosynthesis. Let break down what we mean by Photosynthesis.


This is the process by which majorly green plant, algae and other bacteria convert light energy into chemical energy.

when photosynthesis  is going on plant make use of sunlight to combine water and carbon-dioxide to produce a type of sugar called glucose also oxygen.

Moving over to the things to do when you find out that your crops (plant) doesn’t grow well.

Why Plant Tends to Grow Abnormally

  1. Watering: This is the process where by plant get too much water or less water and this can affect them and causing them to grow abnormally or having yellow leaves.
  2. Environment Problems: Plant that are exposed to high rage of wind, severe temperature and other environmental problems can result to abnormal growth or can cause plant to bend which can result to breaking or damaging the plant.
  3. Nutrient deficiencies or excesses: Plant that lacks some types of nutrient that they need tends to grow abnormally developing yellow leaves or bad growth. And also excessive nutrient such as nitrogen, can cause abnormal growth, like excessively lush foliage.
  4. Pest: This is a major issue green plants go throw because of the food chain they tends to feed on crops in other to survive which is bad for man.

What to Do When Plant Doesn’t Grow As expected

They are major step to take when you notice this on your crops that will be listed here:


  1. Check the environment of the plant: Make sure that the plant is expose to sunlight as they need that to process photosynthesis well, temperature and humidity.
  2. Soil texture: Check the soil to know is it is best suitable for that species of plant grow on it also make sure it not too wet and not to dry
  3. Fertilization: Making use of fertilizations is also a good role in plant growth as it hasten  the growth of plant.
  4. Dead leaves: Remove any dead leave or branch in other to reduce the spread of disease gotten by the plant
  5. Change pot: If plant have already out grown current pot do not hesitate to change pot with a new and fresh soil.
  6. Lastly be patient: It may take some time for the plant to recover and start growing again. Be patient and continue to provide the appropriate car.

If what written in this article is followed well i assure your plant will recover and grow more successful in no time.





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