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Firstly we have to understand by what we call a growth accelerator.

Growth Accelerator

This is an integrated approach to diagnose the Barriers for growth , designing strategic inventions, and implementation of those initiatives.

Growth Accelerator in Agriculture

This is a block added by Mystical Agriculture which makes crops (seeds) grow faster.

Making use of this makes your plant germinate well and faster than normal.

There are uses and procedures if you want to make use of growth accelerator.

How to use growth accelerator

The only way to power an accelerator is from top to bottom.
In order to speed up the process, crystal seeds must first be put next to the accelerator in an adjacent position  in a block of water.
Keep in mind that if you put them in a water block more than one block away from an accelerator, they will continue to grow at their regular rate.

How to power the accelerator

The accelerator must be powered by an Me network via the top or bottom the accelerator consumes about 8ae/t while plugged in.

so you have to consider the light consumption of this accelerator knowing fully well of your capacity then you can know  how many accelerators you can use and for how long you can use them.

Benefits of accelerator

  • It expedites your development
  • Obtain influence and investment interest
  • Reduced prices and special benefits
  • Avoid making costly errors
  • Expand your network

To round this up It will be so lovely if farmers that are interested in Venturing into farming to get the accelerator it increase rate of growth for crops.




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