Cashew Nut- All You Need To Know

In this article below you will learn more about Cashew Nut and every benefit of cashew and also the nut.

History of Cashew 

With no further adieu, cashew in general is an evergreen tree belonging to the Anacardiaceae family. There are other fruit or plant that belongs to this family and one of them is the mango you can find the article on this blog now cashew is grown for their edible fruits nut. In this article, we will let you know the benefits of the cashew nut and also not leave behind the cashew fruit itself.

In India and the ivory coast over four million tons of cashew nuts were produced globally as of 2019 over four years ago. The cashew tree can grow up to 14 meters over 46 feet tall, and the leaves grow about 4-22 centimeters with smooth margins.

Cashew originated in brazil but is now cultivated and available in tropical areas like India and the eastern part of Africa.

Other things to know about cashew and its nut.

Cashew has over 553 calories, they contain 0mg of cholesterol, sodium 12mg of, potassium 660mg of, carbohydrate 30g of,

Sugar 6g, protein 18g, iron 37%, and more like that. People often make the mistake of calling cashew either a fruit of nut well cashew in general combines of both that is the fruits and also the nut.

the benefit of the cashew

Cashew nuts have some benefits which are going to be listed below in this article.

Some benefits you get from cashew nuts:

They have a low concentration of sugar in them and also, and they are rich in fiber.

Helps in heart-healthy fats

And also plant protein.

Cashew nuts in most African homes are eaten and they have their method of making them eatable.

Cashew nuts taking from Nigeria and for sure that the way it would be done in other places is to gather them together and then have to put them into a burning fire in other to get cooked up then after that they are broken whereby you find the nut inside the nut of cashew can’t be eaten like that without passing through this process. Cashew nuts look more like what we call the ground nutso in nigeran homes if you don’t want to use the groundnut you can take the other choice of cashew nut.

Types of cashew

Cashew have varieties which means they have different types

We have the:

W-180 this type of nut is one of the largest let’s say the largest nut and most expensive cashew nuts available.

W-210 this type of nut is smaller than the W-180 also still a large nut and also costs a little lower than the W—180.

W-240 is known as the standard cashew nut which is commonly seen in nut mixes. Having little price tag, not like the W-180 or W-210.

W-320 this type of nut is known to be the most selling and widely sold and distributed nut. It is perfectly balanced between the size and cost and most consumers are comfortable with this particular type of nut.

W-450 the last whole-size cashew nut not expensive compared to the W-180 but taking about the size it going to be very notable. This particular type of nut is popular because of the cheap price tag.

Scorched wholes – this type o nut is light brown. They are sometimes sold in pieces and also sold in wholes.

Cashew nuts are expensive because o the harvesting. Harvesting cashew is very complicated and dangerous as well.

Cashew nuts pass through some processes before they are sold and it was briefly explained in this article above you can go back and check it out.

Cashew nut passes through steam, drying, cracking and peeling, and roasting. So with this type of processing this type of nut will be expensive compared to the other type of nuts like the groundnut.




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